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Friday - January 5th


It's been grey for a couple of weeks now with lot's of rain.

Went to Tofta beach for a walk with Blizz. Didn't look likes it was going to be a sunset so I was tempted to drive home.

Fortunately I stayed, and got my reward. 

Monday - Januari 1st

Happy new year!

Sunday - December 10th


Spectacular sky at Grynge this evening.

Tuesday - December 5th

Northern Lights - Lickershamn

Some green stuff showed up on the sky this night.

The hardest part of taking pictures of the northern lights is - Where do I go?

Which place do I choose, what can I put in the foreground?

This is at Lickershamn, and I haven't seen any pictures of northern lights from this place.

It's on a hill, so you get a lot of sky and you can move around a bit if the lights move over the sky.

Saturday - December 2nd


Spent the whole day at Furilden.

The weather was pretty bad, but just before the sun was about to set it cleared a bit.

I had to run back and forth on the beach to get the light where I wanted.

Sunday - November 19th


Blizz had an absolutely wondeful day at "Tomtbod", as you can tell ;)

The sea is high right now, and the waves came through the jetty which made for an interesting image. Just had to time it right.

Sunday - November 12th


A nice autumn walk at Hoburgen and "Kättelvik" today.

Sat on the beach and waited for the birds to land on the stone in the sea.

Took a little while, but I got a nice shot eventually.

Sunday - October 29th


We've had a couple of days with really strong windws from the north.

So I figured there would be nice waves on the north of Fårö.

Took the ferry and enjoyed a very windy day at Digerhuvud.

I was very lucky to get back to the mainland since the ferry couldn't cope with the high waves later that evening.


Sunday - October 22nd

S:t Olofsholm

Cold, and a bit windy this morning. But the light is good this time of year. The sun is low for most of the day.

So my brother and I went to S:t Olofsholm to catch the sunrise.

There's a couple of nice places to shoot, and I settled for a nice view toward the island of Ytterholmen.

Saturday - October 7th


Back to a favourite place of mine. A small fishing place called Djaupvik, on the east side of Gotland.

What is so special about this place is that it's very open and clean.

You can create very stylish and clean compositions here.

I think I've been very lucky with the weather every time I've been here. Interesting clouds, and wonderful light. This time of year the sun  is very low during most of the day, giving excellent soft light.

Started to look for a composition around the small fishing huts. All of them faces north, making them all dark. There was also a couple of plastic boats which I didn't want to include in the images.

Walked around for a bit and noticed some long grass that was almost red in colour. As soon as the sun came up, they started to glow even more. I walked further from the fishing huts to include some water in the image. Since it was so calm, the water made for an excellent mirror.

Friday - October 6th

Tofta Beach

Blizz @ Tofta

The weather has been absolutely amazing the last couple of days. Windy, rainy, with sunshine on and off.

So after work today I went home, picked up my dog and headed for the beach at Tofta.

Had some pretty amazing clouds.

I hadn't planned to do any serious photography this evening but the sky was to good to pass.

Making interesting images at Tofta Beach is very hard. There's just a clean beach. Nothing to use for foreground.

Tried to play with Blizz a bit, to get some action. Unfortunately he doesn't like the beach.

Only time he jumped around some was when I threw one of my gloves to him.

Had to work around him, so that he was positioned with the awesome sky behind.

Sunday - October 1st

Lillrone - Stånga/Lye

This is a very nice place to just have a walk along the stream.

I highly recommend walking a couple of miles through the dense forest, since there is so much diversity of trees and plants.

Thursday - September 28th

Kastalen - Fröjel

Fröjel church is situated in a very beautiful spot with view towards the sea and Karlsöarna.

This old ruin is called "Kastalen" and is just north of the church.

I've been here a couple of times, trying to create a good looking image. But it's very hard.

The "front" of Kastalen is the most interesting, but it's not easy to compose the shot from the sea looking east.

So, this is what I ended up with today. I will probably be back a couple of times to try something different.

Thursday - September 21st

Gotland has the sunsets

Isle of Skye was stunning, but the weather was so-so during the weeks I was there.

Gotland gave me the sunset tonight that I wished for in Skye ;)

Tuesday - September 12th

Back from 2 week trip to Scotland

I'm home again after 2 weeks of intense photography in Scotland.

Did Glencoe, Isle of Skye, and then Glencoe again. 

Absolutely amazing trip. Loved it!

Before I went I made a map in Google My Maps with all the places I would like to visit.

Here is a tip - If you have to many places in your map, it'll be stressful.

The weather seemed to change every 15 minutes. Unfortunately I didn''t get one sunrise or one sunset while I was there.

But I had a wonderful time anyway.

Click the image to view the gallery from the trip.

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